As a Belgian native I get so many questions “What to do in Brussels?” from people who plan a weekend to Brussels but don’t really know what to do or visit and end up in the Delirium Tremens beer pub. Let me be clear; hardly any Belgian spends time there. So I felt obliged to do my civilian duty and share y favorite spots in Brussels where you most certainly will find me when I am in Brussels again.

To eat in Brussels:

  • Fin de siècle or Neuf et Voisin: best Flemish food. Always packed. Very cozy and decent prices. Try “Beenhammetje”!
  • De Monk – Spaghetti in the back room
  • Charlie – great bakery for breakfast
  • De Noordzee – drink Champagne and eat fish at the standing bar outside
  • Fritland – Try Mitraillette,which is French fries on a baguette

Typical Belgian foods to try:

  • Good quality chocolate (you can even find this in the supermarkets)
  • Drink jenever, strong Belgian liquor 
  • Danish pastries, especially the chocolate breads
  • Oliebollen
  • French fries
  • Sugar waffle with powdered sugar, but NOTHING ELSE on top of it.
  • Baguette Martino from a bakery (typical kind of meat preparation) 

To drink:

To shop in Brussels:

What to do in Brussels: